PHMW will work with TRAINING


PHMW will work with the VA vocational rehab labs, the Wounded Warrior Project, Arizona Department of Veterans Services, The Military-Veteran Resource Network, and other veteran assistance programs to recruit individuals that have an aptitude and sincere desire to learn the automobile restoration trades. What happier times are there than when a young person receives his driver’s license and is elated by the euphoria of freedom for the very first time? At that time in our lives we were ALL car guys. Those were happy days!

Selectees will be enrolled in our program and train in our fully and professionally equipped shop. Curriculum will be geared specifically to the art of automotive restoration, engines, chassis & suspension, electronics, interiors, body fabrications and paint.

Graduates agree to an employment contract of two years with PHMW while working to perfect their skills in our wholly owned restoration shop. At the end of two years candidates can choose to stay with PHMW or enter the private sector workforce or establish a PHMW shop. The mission is to train a happy, healthy workforce to provide rehabilitated 1950s, 60s, & 70s Muscle Cars and American Heavy Meal automobiles as every day drivers to the marketplace. Refurbish a little of AMERICANA.