PHMW will provide subject cars for rehabilitation by purchase or donation, where upon at completion of the rebuilt stage it will be brought to market for sale.

PHMW will partner with various highly qualified and certified volunteers and paid instructors to train a work force of disabled veterans in all phases; and with the necessary skill sets to succeed in the automotive restoration industry.

PHMW will staff and maintain a fully working auto and body repair shop for training and producing renovated, modernized, vintage American Muscle and Heavy Metal automobiles for the market place as every day drivers. PHMW will open satellite shops in other locations as a trained work force and resources will permit.


PURPLE HEART MOTOR WORKS was born, an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation on June 13, 2014 and application for tax exempt 501(c)(3) status was applied for and approved by the IRS on October 5, 2015. We are committed to standing in the gap for these brave warriors by providing them a new path to self fulfillment, respect and growth beyond anything they ever imagined.