The mission of Purple Heart Motor Works (PHMW) is to provide combat amputees and other seriously wounded combat veterans with a means to assimilate into mainstream society with dignity, through vocational training and employment in the automotive restoration industry.

It is important to note that the work shop environment is an integral part of the rehabilitation of the military mindset. Mission first (car rebuild), second, cross train teams to work for mission completion, third and most importantly, provide for the interaction of wounded warriors with one another so that each one receives support, strength and encouragement to face the incredible challenges that life without a limb or PTSD presents to each warrior.


To become the blue print for America”s foremost wounded veterans’ life re-builder by using automotive re-manufacturing, to provide hope, a sense of self worth and purposeful living to combat amputees and other seriously wounded veterans. Purple Heart Motor Works (PHMW) proposes to maintain, equip and staff a fully functional automotive restoration shop and spread throughout the country as resources permit.