Lone Sentry Brigade Donation

Provide Training for an Injured Warrior with a Monthly Donation

“Our wounded veterans are “more than everyday people,” they are our nation’s “National Treasures.”

20150813-wounded-warriorWe firmly believe that we the people must assume ownership for our men and women in combat. It is clear the government has been unable to fulfill it’s obligation. So we the people must stand and rally behind our troops. We will not leave them behind and discarded. These men and women are this country’s national treasure. As such it is our duty to nurture them and restore them to health and a fulfilled life with honor.

As you can imagine PHMW is a huge undertaking. From a conference room think tank to a fully operational restoration facility equipped to not only repair automobiles but broken bodies and broken minds.

You asked yourself, “How can I help?” The answer is simple. We need your financial support.l Please join our Lone Sentry Brigade monthly giving program by donating $20 per month. That’s 66 cents per day – less than half a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The first 3500 participants will become charter members and entitled to the challenge coin and label pin plus the car magnet.

20150424-ph-challenge-coin 20150424-ph-lapel 20150521-ph-magnet

The next 2000 donors will receive the challenge coin and label pin.

The next 2000 receive the coin.

Your generous, tax deductible donation to Purple Heart Motor Works (PHMW) enables us to help injured warriors return to productive civilian lives through training in automotive restoration.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your gifts.
You can donate at www.purpleheartmotorworks.org with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for our customers. Authorize.Net adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing. www.purpleheartmotorworks.org is registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program.