After much investigation and research it was discovered that while the Veterans Administration does an excellent job of healing and rehabilitating combat wounded veterans, it falls short when it comes to retraining and finding purposeful and meaningful employment. Several like minded individuals saw the need to provide the type of work environment in a field that sought to include many of the skills and attitudes these veterans already possessed thanks to their military training. While remembering the mental and physical condition of young warriors in the prime of their lives and then suddenly being so severely wounded that an entire life changes in a heartbeat that will last a life time, we realized just how wide the valleys and how high the mountains are that these troops had to travel. It was thought that if a remembrance of happier times could be incorporated in the program then true fulfillment and contentment can be achieved, hence wholeness will follow. How can the despair, hopelessness, and feeling of aloneness be overcome when yesterday you were at the peak of your physical fitness, your mind was sharp and you were trained in the martial arts of the warrior? Today, after the fight for your life was won, the new fight of learning how to live a happy, productive life with what is left of who you used to be, begins.

PURPLE HEART MOTOR WORKS was born, an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation on June 13, 2014 and application for tax exempt 501(c)(3) status was applied for. We are committed to standing in the gap for these brave warriors by providing them a new path to self fulfillment, respect and growth beyond anything they ever imagined.